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The sailboat was designed by the Hungarian Jeno Benacsek Hankoczy. It was built to an English customer’s order as part of a series of 15 sailing boats in Vac and Balatonfured Shipyards.It was completed in 1956 but the English customer could not take it due to the Hungarian uprise and revolution.The sailing boat was launched and operated by SZOT (National Commitee of the Trade Unions) Cruise Centre along with the other sailboats of the series for decades and it was named after Galyateto SZOT Resort. In 1994 -few years after the democratic transformation and privatisation- it was purchased by Szilágyi Miklós’s Yachtparty Phoenix private company. The sailing ship had mainly German guests on board those days and they were struggling to pronounce its name “Galyateto” so Miklós decided to rename it to Phoenix.After 26 years of succesful sailing Miklós made up his mind to pass on the baton as a captain and sold the ship. The sailing boat changed ownership in the fall, 2020.The new owner-captain is Robert Rasko.



  • Phoenix (formerly Galyatető) is a 2-mast classic cruising sailboat (seagoing cruiser).
  • Capacity: 30 people
  • Dimensions: 16.4m long, 3.7m wide
  • Depth: 1.9m
  • Engine: Diesel 4-cylinder Csepel 4400 cm3 (100 hp)
  • Sails: Large: 75 m2, Bezan: 25 m2, Fly: 50 m2, Genoa: 50 m2
  • Sail surface: 200 nm
  • Main mast: 19.6 meters
  • Bezan mast: 12.3 meters



Meet us!
Robert Rasko Owner-Captain Phoenix Yachtparty

Robert Rasko

Owner-Captain since September 2020


Miklos Szilagyi Captain and Mentor Phoenix Yachtparty

Miklos Szilágyi

Captain and Mentor (Phoenix Inhabe 1994-2020)

Tibor Balogh Sailor Phoenix Yachtparty

Tibor Balogh




For boat rentals, program advice,

call us at + 36 30 23 77 325,

or email kapitany@yachtparty.com!

Our prices are in HUF and include 27% VAT.

Sailing in the sunset at Lake Balaton 


Sunset trip:


Admire the fantastic colours of the sunset in the middle of the Lake sailing and listening to the amazing sounds of the waves. During our 2- hour Sunset Tour we serve champagne and cheese scones. The fee of the 2-hour Sunset Tour: (for a minimum of 20 people) 9500 HUF / person.

Cruise in Balatonboglár 




64 years. That is the Phoenix’s sailing experience . This classic cruiser offers a unique sailing experience in terms of its sight and comfort and the view of Lake Balaton only enhances this. Our cruises last at least 2 hours or a half or full day.

Team building sailing in Balatonboglár 



For those who are ready to step out from their comfort zone and want to strenghten their team spirit. Whether it is brainstorming, a casual corporate program, a team building or letting off steam, Phoenix is a great choice!


Kids Sailing, class trips, sailing Balatonboglár 


Kids Sailing:

Are you planning a class outing or need an extra program for summer camp, or you want to bring together children and adults from a circle of friends for an enjoyable afternoon cruise?


Engagement, wedding photography on a two-masted, classic sailboat 


Engagement, Wedding Photography:


Would you prefer a unique and magical setting instead of the usual one then choose Phoenix for your wedding photography! Please, contact me!






7741 Nagykozár, Sport street 6.


Harbor place

Balatonboglár Vitorláskikötő ( keresd a dupla kék árbócokat)


+36 30 237 73 25

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